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The Last Dragon's secrets, healthy mind, body and spirit, Learn how to make fitness a real part of your life
Tight abs, full body training, workout at home and other practical places Weight training, stretching, pool exercises, how to speed walk then run using the correct form
Motivation to begin training, great host, qualified and certified personal trainer, Madonna's trainer
Taimak is pronounced Tie Mock. An Aztec name that means "Striking Eagle". Taimak is more than a fitness expert he's a seventh degree black belt and cult hero! Taimak catapulted onto the big screen starring as Bruce Leroy in the martial arts classic film Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon. 
Known for his athletic talents and martial arts skills, he's been in demand by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood from Madonna to Gwen Stefani, he's been summoned by Madonna herself for her Drowned World Tour, he personally trained her and took the role as martial arts coordinator. 
Taimak has competed in sports such as wrestling, jujitsu, bicycling, and swimming and always up for a new challenge; he participated in the New York City Marathon twice and completed the race in just over 3 hours. Besides physical skill, Taimak is also a spiritual human being who contributes to his fans on his website by writing monthly transformational exercises and answering questions regarding health and fitness. 
In this DVD you will get a sense of who he is and most importantly learn what it takes to make fitness a real part of your life. Taimak's intention is that you find the answers to most of your questions surrounding fitness, and to get moving in the right direction. He gives you the tools you need to make it happen! How many reps, how many sets, how to do it and how long. He also gives you his nutritional diet tips. So enjoy the DVD and good luck in your quest for a healthy and fit life!
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